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Croatia from the yacht "Genowefa" perspective – My Garage

Croatia from the yacht perspective – My Garage

Planning for a vacation with your family members will always be complicated. It is because, you would have some place in your mind but your family members want to visit some other place in the Garage. Similarly if there are any old people in your home, then they would like to visit some place which is related to spirituality. The same thing was happened when I planned for a vacation with my family. Everyone has a different choice and they want me to take them to the place they mention. I do not know what to do and it was very complicated for me to convince all of them and decide a place that everyone likes.

Therefore I asked them to discuss among themselves and finalize a place outside my garage. I have given the responsibility to my father and asked him to choose a place. My family members will always listen and obey to my father’s words therefore he spoke with everyone and ask them to choose a place together. I was wondering which place they will choose. Finally they have finalized the place and let me know. They have selected Croatia for the vacation. I wanted to know about the place and whether it is suitable for spending vacation with family. This time also I let my father to do that task. Though he got tensed initially, he accepted my request and explored many things about Croatia. He also showed my our yacht Genowefa, which was located in our Genowefa Garage He said that it is a nice place to visit and he asked to finalize this place and book the tickets. I have booked tickets and arranged other important things for our trip. We have reached Hvar and moved to the resort where I arranged our accommodation.

We have arrived at Stari Grad town during the early morning on the third day of our cruise.  We had to make some swaps We were pleased with the most comfortable and safest cruise through the best yacht charter within our budget.  In this Croatian town, we have visited different places and engaged in shopping happily.  We have walked on the Stair Grad Plain in the morning and tasted the most delicious breakfast.

Croatia from the yacht perspective – My Garage

After our breakfast, we have visited different places in this town.  The main places to visit in this Hvar town include, but not limited to Glavica Hill, The church of St Stephen, Caffe Bar Lampedusa, samochσd Stari Grad Museum, Church of St John and Stari Grade Culture Centre.

Split is one of the most renowned Croatian Towns in our time. We have reached this town on the fourth day our cruise with our yacht Genowefa.  We have explored different places in and around this town. The most remarkable places we have visited in this town were Diocletian’s Palace, Old Split, Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius, City Clock, Narodni trg, Riva harbour, Klis Fortress, Froggyland, Grgur Ninski Statue and Jazz clubs and bars. 

Croatia from the yacht perspective – My Garage

We sailed on our yacht Genowefa to Hvar. Hvar is one of the islands in Croatia and it was a beautiful place which is surrounded by nature. The first day morning in Garage, we started our vacation in the seashore of Hvar. When my day explored the information about Hvar, he found that yacht charter is very popular here. Therefore I decided that it should be the first thing that we are going to do. Therefore after taking breakfast, we moved to the seashore and hired a yacht. We started our travel into the sea. Though it was around 10am in the morning, the sunshine was like early morning. Hence it was very pleasant.

Actually my father spoke with the yacht person and hired it. I didn’t speak with him so I just wanted to enquire about the other important places in Hvar with that person. I was thinking that he will speak the Croatia (Croatian) language but he spoke English so it was easy for me to get the details I wanted to know. in Polish it was easy: silnik samochodowy Then we get back to the seashore and roam the around the places that the person mentioned.

Croatia from the yacht perspective – My Garage

Korcula samochody is also an island similar to Hvar and we moved to that place on our second day. We have visited many beautiful places in the location and taken many photos in the location. It was a great experience to spend time with my family in Korcula.

On day 1 we have arrived at Split and made a swap the one of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia. We could be able to see the city in the fresh morning of the day and it was really beautiful. We had to repair silniki. After having yummy breakfast there we are charged to visit many places and our schedule started with seeing historical places. Travelling around the city was really a great experience because we have not seen such buildings anywhere at any time of our life. It was amazing to see beaches and finally we decided for yacht charter here www.velmundi.com/yacht-charter/croatia/. We should not be missed for any reason. It was really like dreaming that we went in yacht to different Islands and the best of this ride is that we have seen the real scenic beauty of sea. It spoke a lot to our heart, yes the sound of the sea, the color of the water and the rise and fall of the yacht was more than awesome.

We arrived on our yacht Genowefa at Dubrovnik from Split and this is the place where we had enjoyed beach games and beach party with new Croatia (Croatian) speaking friends over there. We stayed in a nice garage. They were really awesome that they were befriending us to enjoy the best of the party. We have enjoyed the music, dance and events there on the shore. It was a different but awesome experience as it was our first time to participate in the party.

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